Here we link to clips from Radio 210, that have been kindly provided to us for the website, and others we have found elsewhere online. The list isn't complete yet, many more links to add.

For our most of our longer clips, please see our Mixcloud Page:-


1976 - Test Transmissions from Radio 210, ahead of the launch - with the presenters giving a taste of the shows to come - with Credit to Simon Yates:-


8th March 1976 - The first hour of Radio 210 with Paul Hollingdale - captured from a studio tape recording in great quality in 2 parts, with Credit to Paul Robbins:-



20th March 1976 - Steve Wright chats with special guest Marc Bolan:-


7th May 1977 - Read & Wright (although without Mike Read as he was at an Outside Broadcast), with Credit to Tony Horder:-


2nd September 1979 - 30 Minutes of Howard Pearce:-


8th December 1979 - 210 Club Junior Jury with Bob Morrison:-


1st February 1980 - 210 Club Junior Jury with Dave Glass:-


20th November 1982 - A Clip of Keith Butler, from Aircheckdownloads.com:-


November 1982 - A Clip of Graham Ledger, from Aircheckdownloads.com:-


14th January 1983 - A Clip of Howard Pearce, from Aircheckdownloads.com:-


May 1989 - Keith Butler with his late show after the end of Give A Child A Chance, and the news from IRN - with another ex-210 great, Steve Crozier.

Keith Butler - Late Show May 1989
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Graham Rogers sings Top Gun!:-

Graham Rogers Sings -
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Here's a few minutes from Give A Child A Chance from 1988, featuring Graham Rogers and Ian Barclay:-

Give A Child A Chance 1988 Clip -
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Tony James interviews Doctor from Doctor And The Medics:-

Tony James - Dr And The Medics Interview -
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Tony James asks Doctor some Random Questions:-

Tony James - Dr And The Medics Random Questions -
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With Thanks and Credit to Julian Watson for the above Tony James clips

2 Clips below of David Hamilton linking to the news, and reading the Travel News - with thanks to Julian Watson:-

Radio 210 News Intro - David Hamilton
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David Hamilton - Travel News -
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Graham Ledger links to the news with Bob Morrison on 10th January 1984, with thanks to Julian Watson:-

Graham Ledger & Bob Morrison - 10th January 1984
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